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Twenty years ago bridal sessions were very common, but with the addition of the engagement session and with fewer brides putting their photos in the newspaper, these sessions started to become more rare. A bridal session can save you lots of time on your wedding day by making the most of your hair and makeup trial, allow for time to explore other scenes, and reduce stress just to name a few!

So here are the top 5 reasons you should consider booking a bridal session.

1. Make the most of your hair and makeup trial:

We always recommend getting a hair and makeup trial before your wedding day. This will make sure that you and your stylist are on the same page and that you actually like the look you’ve selected. It’s also a great way to see how your skin will react to certain products. Why not take advantage of your trial and have extra photos done in the process? It’s also a great way to see how your hair and makeup will hold up to the elements. Maybe the curls didn’t hold up as well as you had hoped so you opt for an updo for your wedding day.

bridal hair and makeup

2. Bridal Details:

Save time on your wedding day by having your photographer take photos of your bridal details ahead of time. This will give you a chance to get amazing images of your special items and images of your amazing shoes before breaking them in.

Bridal details

3. Take advantage of a second location:

Wedding days are fast paced. On the average wedding day, we are lucky to get 15-30 minutes of bridal portraits. With the time restraints of the day, we don’t usually have many location options either. So if you love a particular historic building, museum, or park that you might not have time to visit on your wedding day…having a bridal session allows you time to explore those amazing venues.

Bridal Portraits

4. Test drive the dress and get a preview:

A bridal session is the perfect time to see how everything photographs and to test drive your dress. It’s one thing to try on your dress, but wearing it for awhile and sitting in it is another story. It was during my daughter Lauren’s bridal session, that she realized she couldn’t raise her arms or sit down in her gown. While it seemed to fit her perfectly during her alteration appointments, it wasn’t quite as functional on the day of. Because of this, she took it back to her seamstress and had a few more adjustments made. It’s also helpful to see just how long it takes you to get into your gown, put on your jewelry and accessories.

Bridal styles

5. Save time on wedding day:

Wedding day timelines can be a moving target. It’s a guide to help keep things on track, but there are so many things that can throw it off and cut into portrait time. (That’s a whole blog post in itself!) Imagine going into your wedding day knowing you already have a TON of amazing bridal and detail portraits done! As a photographer it feels like a big WIN knowing such an important section of photos are already taken care of. Any bridal/detail images we get on wedding day are a bonus. Having more time to relax, enjoy the day with less stress on is priceless. Freeing up time for other portraits is a huge perk too.

Bridal Veil Photography
Bridal Portraits
Bridal Session Portraits
Brides portraits

Here are some tips to make sure your bridal session is a success:

  1. Schedule your hair and makeup trial at a time that coordinates with the best lighting for your session, especially if it will be outdoors.
  2. Ask your florist to make you a smaller version of your wedding day bouquet. Also as for some scrap flowers for detail photos! Unable to get a bouquet? No worries, we can focus on poses that don’t require one.
  3. Bring a sheet or clear shower curtain for outdoor photos. This will keep your dress off the ground. Your photographer may already plan on doing this (We do!).
  4. Remember to bring all of your jewelry, undergarments, shoes, tape, and details.
  5. Bring someone special along to help you get ready and to give you opinions on how everything looks when all together.
  6. Schedule your bridal session after your last fitting! You want to make sure your dress is done with alterations and fits you perfectly!
  7. Print a large canvas from your bridal session to share at the reception as a gift to your partner!
Bridal Shoes, bridal session
Bridal session, bridal gown
bridal session Wedding Photography Lowcountry

Now that you’ve heard our 5 reasons to consider a bridal session, message your wedding photographer today to schedule yours!

Photography: 5D Photography

Bridal Hair and Makeup: Beyond Beautiful by Heather

Bridal Gown: J’ Adore Bridal Boutique

August 17, 2020

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